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Do you notice that you stop less quickly when you press your brakes? Or do you hear a squeaking sound when you try to brake? Then it's time to have your bike's brakes checked. Read tips from an experienced bike mechanic on how to adjust your bike's brake pads here. Want to adjust your bike's brakes? Then read this blog.

How to adjust brake pads

Are your brake pads not worn out yet, but do you notice that your bike no longer brakes easily? Then take a look at the position of your brake pads and check whether your brakes are still properly adjusted.

Adjusting the brake pads is done by tightening or loosening the small screws that are in the brake arms. When you turn the screw inward, it moves further away from the rim. If you turn it outwards and thus looser, the brake pad moves closer to the rim. The idea is that the brake pads are close to the wheel. Then the brake pads are positioned correctly.

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