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Do you notice that you stop less quickly when you press your brakes? Or do you hear a squeaking sound. Then it's time to check the brakes on your bike. Read tips from an experienced bike mechanic on how to adjust the disc brakes on your bike. Do you have a different type of brake and do you want to adjust it? Then read this blog.

Adjusting your brake discs

Do you notice that your bike is tightening up. It could be that the caliper is skewed. A lopsided caliper can cause you to brake while cycling. You can easily fix this yourself by readjusting your brake discs.

When readjusting your brake discs, start by turning the bike upside down so the wheels can spin easily.

Then take an Allen wrench and loosen the two bolts on the caliper.

Then squeeze the two brakes to allow the brake disc to concentrate on the caliper. Then retighten the caliper bolts.

Next, check that the wheel is spinning properly again, by spinning the wheel a few times. And voilà your brake discs are now correctly adjusted again.

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