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It you suffer from squeaking brake pads bike. Then it could possibly be that your brake pads are worn out. Check the status of your brake pads with thewear indicators on the brake pads. If the brake pads are worn, it is important toreplace your current brake pads with new ones. When this is done, the sound of squeaking brake pads will already be eliminated.

Are your brake pads not worn out, but do your bicycle brakes make a squeaking noise due to another cause and do you want to find out what this cause is and fix it? Then read this blog.

How do you replace worn brake pads?

When you want to replace a worn brake pad, you start by removing the old pads. You do this by unscrewing the Allen bolt. When you remove the brake pad you must pay attention to the order in which the rings lie on the leg of the old brake pads.

Now take the new brake pad and place the washers in the correct order on the leg of the new brake pads. Then, hand-tighten the new brake pads with the socket screw.

Next, position the brake pad so that the brake pad only touches the rims and does not touch the tire. In addition, it is important that the front of the pad is a little closer to the rim than the back. When the pads are positioned correctly, you can tighten the brake pads.

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