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When you suffer from squeaky brakes while cycling it is not only irritating for yourself, but also for your cycling buddies. In this blog, an experienced bike mechanic will tell you all about squeaky bike brakes and how to prevent squeaky brakes.

Reasons for squeaky brakes

The most common reasons for your brakes to squeak is that your brake parts have become dirty while cycling. In addition, the brake components may also have become greasy, causing the bike to make a squeaking noise. This can happen by using greasy cleaning products or greasy fingers that have been used to touch the parts.

Other causes of squeaky brakes include warped brake discs hitting the brake pads, brake discs that are not centered, and worn brake pads.

Fixing squeaky brakes on your bike

To fix the squeak during braking, it is important to find out what causes the squeaky brakes. Below is a solution for each of the above causes to fix the squeaky brakes.

If the reason for squeaky brakes is dirt or grease, you can fix the squeak by giving the rim and brake pads a good cleaning with a clean cloth and a degreaser. This can be done with a brake cleaner bought from the bike shop or another degreaser.

If the reason for squeaky brakes is worn brake pads you will need to replace the brake pads. You can do this yourself. Or you can let a bicycle mechanic do it for you.

If the position of the brake pads is not correct, you can remedy the squeaking brakes by clamping a pass between the rim and the brake pad. Then use an Allen key to loosen the brake pad and immediately tighten it again. Often the squeaking sound is now gone.

How to prevent squeaky brakes

Squeaky brakes are very annoying. By following these tips, you will prevent squeaky brakes from happening again soon:

Tip 1: Clean your brakes regularly
Tip 2: Preventively grease your brake discs
Tip 3: Check the position and condition of your brake pads every now and then

If you have any doubts about any of the above actions, always consult a bike shop that has experience with these types of maintenance actions. You can always contact Fietsenhulp. Fietsenhulp is a mobile bike repair shop that comes to your home and around Amsterdam for bike repair and bike maintenance.


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