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Do you notice that you stop less quickly when you press your brakes? Or do you hear a squeaking sound when you try to brake? Then it is time to adjust your bicycle brakes. Read the tips from an experienced bike mechanic here on how you can adjust your bicycle brakes on your own. Adjusting your bicycle brakes is not complicated. You just need to know how to do it.

Check the brake pads and brake cables

Before you start adjusting the bicycle brakes, it is important to check the brake cables and brake pads. It is important that the brake cables have no kinks, cracks or fraying. We also recommend that you replace the brake cables once every two years. Because there is a lot of tension on the brake cables, it is expected that after two years the strain is gone, and it is time for new brake cables.

The brake pads are the ones that clamp the front wheel, when you squeeze the brakes. Check whether the wear line is already visible. If so, it is important to replace the pads before adjusting the brakes.

Adjusting the bicycle brakes

When adjusting the brake cables, start by squeezing the handbrake. When you squeeze the brake cables, the distance between the brake lever and the handlebars should be about 4 inches. If the brake lever touches the handlebar, the cables are too loose. If the brake cable is only one loose you can unscrew the seat nut counterclockwise. Squeeze the handbrake again to see if the brake cables are now tighter.

Adjusting hydraulic disc brakes electric bicycle

With a hydraulic disc brake, adjustment works a little differently. First, turn your bike upside down so that the wheels can spin freely. Then loosen both Allen bolts on the caliper a little bit so you can move it up and down by hand.

Now squeeze brakes so that the caliper can center itself on the brake disc. The caliper will automatically set itself in the correct position. Now you tighten the Allen bolts on the caliper again. It is important that you keep hold of the handles. Finally, you turn the wheel to see if it rotates properly.

If you have any doubts about any of the above actions, always consult a bike shop that has experience with these types of maintenance actions. You can always contact Fietsenhulp. Fietsenhulp is a mobile bike repair shop that comes to your home and around Amsterdam for bike repair and bike maintenance.

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