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Do you ever wonder why are my bike's disc brakes squeaking? In this blog an experienced bike mechanic will tell you what causes squeaking disc brakes. Do you want to know how to fix squeaky bike brakes. Then read this blog.

Why do disc brakes squeal

There are several reasons why disc brakes squeal. Reasons why disc brakes squeak are:

1. Dirt and grease
2. Warped brake discs
3. Brake discs not centered
4. Worn brake pads
5. Worn brake disc

Dirt and grease

The most common reasons for your brakes to squeak is that your brake parts have become dirty while cycling. In addition, the brake components may also have become greasy, causing the bike to make a squeaking noise. This can happen by using greasy cleaning products or greasy fingers that have been used to touch the parts.

Warped brake discs

Squeaking of your disc brake can also be the result of a warped brake disc which then seizes up. Bicycle Help recommends going to a bike shop with a warped brake disc. If you ream the brake discs yourself they could break if you apply too much force.

Non-centered brake discs

It is important that your brake disc is in the center of the caliper. If this is not the case, the brake disc may catch on, causing a squeaking sound.

Worn brake pads

Another cause of squeaky brake pads is the fact that your brake pads are due for replacement. Check the status of your brake pads with wear indicators. If brake pads are worn, it is important to replace your current brake pads with new ones.

Worn brake disc

A squeaky disc brake on your bike can be the result of a worn brake disc. In general, brake discs are less sensitive to wear than, for example, brake pads. However, it is important to check your brake disc from time to time. Make sure that your brake disc is at least 1.5 mm thick. If the brake disc is thinner than 1.5 mm, it needs to be replaced.

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