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When you want to fix your bike's gears, the most common solution is to replace your bike's gear cable. Replacing gear cable is safe and it allows you to easily shift between gears again. This blog will explain step by step how to fix your gear bike.


How to repair gear cable of your bicycle?

Step 1 - Remove chain guard
When you start gear bike repair, it is important that you can get a good look at the shifting system. For this reason, it is important to remove your chain guard.

Step 2 - Disconnect rear wheel gear cable.

With your rear wheel, it is important to push your spoke down. This will free up space to loosen the cam. Now you have the shift cable loose. Find the end of the shift cable. You can then remove it with an Allen wrench. For now, the rear wheel is done and we will go to the handle where the gear is.

Step 3 - Release gear cover

In order to be able to replace the shift cable later, it is important to remove the gear cover so that you can get better access to the shifter. By loosening the screws on the cover you loosen the gear cover.

Step 4 - Inner cable removal

By removing the gear cover, you can easily access the inner cable.Remove the inner cable from the outer cable.

Step 5 - Put in new inner cable

Where the old inner cable came out, you now put in the new inner cable. You will keep a piece at your rear wheel.

Step 6 - Mounting at rear wheel

Put the gear in the lightest position and mount the mounting clamp barrel at 95 mm distance. Be careful to do this as accurately as possible. A tip is to take a ruler with it.

Step 7 - Indicator cover and chain guard

Finally, put the indicator cover and chain guard back on. In addition, check that your gears are properly adjusted with the new shift cable. If the shifter cable is properly adjusted then you can cut the remaining piece of shifter cable with pliers, this way you avoid the danger of the remaining shifter cable piece getting between your spoke.


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