Bike maintenance at home in Amsterdam and surroundings (+40 km)

An annual service to your bicycle ensures that it will last considerably longer. Fietsenhulp is the mobile bicycle repairer that comes to your home in Amsterdam and surroundings to service your bicycle. Check here whether your residence falls within the service area of Fietsenhulp.

Bicycle repair service maintains all different kinds of bicycles. For example, the mobile bike repairer maintains: city bikes, racing bikes, electric bikes and so on.

During a repair at Bicycle Help, all parts of your bicycle will be checked and where necessary the parts will be adjusted. Also the different parts will be cleaned. The service of the mobile bike mechanic will ensure that your bike will be in good condition and that you can safely participate in traffic with your bike.

If you still have questions, you can always contact the mobile bicycle repair shop of Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

In addition to maintenance, it is also important to clean your bike regularly yourself. Read here how to clean your bike yourself.

Costs for servicing your bike at the Amsterdam mobile bike shop

For the maintenance of your bicycle at your home, the mobile bicycle repairer of Amsterdam and surroundings charges the following:

  • The call-out charge is €6.50

The above costs apply regardless of the number of bicycles you present for repair or maintenance.

  • The cost of servicing your bike ranges from €35 to €120.
    The cost of the service depends on the type of bike and its condition. If you want to discuss your situation first, please contact Fietsenhulp +31634189234.

Are you also curious about the repair rates of Bicycle Help? Then take a look at all the rates of the mobile bicycle repairer here.

How often does your bike need maintenance?

Fietsenhulp recommends that you service your bicycle once or twice a year. Of course it depends on how intensively you use your bike. You can service your bike yourself or you can contact an experienced bike mechanic.

Book your bike maintenance with the mobile bike shop of Amsterdam

Servicing ensures that your bike will last considerably longer. In addition, you can safely participate in traffic. Fietsenhulp is a mobile bike repair shop in Amsterdam and surroundings that comes to your home to service your bicycle. Would you like to have your bike serviced? Get in touch with Fietsenhulp.