Bicycle repair in all districts of Aalsmeer

Bicycle repair at home Aalsmeer

  • 7 days a week, from 07.00 to 22.00
  • all types of bicycle repairs
  • 5-star rating
  • only €6.50 call-out charge

Bicycle repair in Aalsmeer

Bicycle mechanic at home


7 days a week, from 07.00 - 22.00
all bicycle repairs
5-star rating
only €6,50 call out charge

Mobile bicycle repair shop Aalsmeer

Do you want to have your bicycle repaired and do you live in Aalsmeer? Fietsenhulp is the mobile bicycle repairer who comes to your house to repair or maintain your bicycle. It doesn't matter where in Aalsmeer you live. Fietsenhulp comes to all districts and neighbourhoods, namely: 

Aalsmeer centre, Zuid, Hornmeer, Uiterweg, Kudelstaart, Kalslagen, Zuidwestboezem, Kompolder, Oranjewijk, Noordoostboezem, Schinkelpolder, Aalsmeerweg.

mobile bicycle repair shop aalsmeer
All types of bicycle repair in Aalsmeer

Every type of bicycle repair Aalsmeer

Fietsenhulp has experience as a bicycle repairer since 1994 and performs various bicycle repairs on location, such as:

  • Take the beating out of the wheel
  • Wheel bearing replacement
  • Replacing the rear tyre of a bicycle
  • Changing a bicycle tyre
  • Repairing/replacing the bicycle chain
  • Spoke replacement
  • Replacing the drum brake
  • Replace the crankshaft
  • And so on.

Curious about all bicycle repairs and the prices?


Aalsmeer is a town and municipality in the Dutch province of North Holland. Aalsmeer is built on reclaimed land.

Aalsmeer is world famous for its flower cultivation and especially its flower auction. This tourist attraction usually attracts around 50,000 visitors per year.

If you are visiting Aalsmeer, do not forget to visit the flower auction. We also recommend a visit to the Flower Art museum and Floriworld. Finally, you can discover the nature reserve of Aasmeer by visiting the Westeinderplassen.

Cycling in and around Aalsmeer

Planning to go cycling in Aalsmeer? Taking a cycling tour around Aalsmeer is really one of the best ways to see more of this area, but it can sometimes be tricky to know exactly where to go. To solve that problem, we think these are the best cycling routes: Fietsroute burg Bilderdam, Fietsroute Westeinderplassen and Fietsroute Haarlemmermeer.

Do you want to have a service done? Or do you have a breakdown on the way? Then call the mobile bike repair shop Aalsmeer. Your bicycle will be repaired quickly so you can continue your cycle tour.

Based on 166 reviews.
Vincent Visser
Vincent Visser
Responded quickly, could within few hours & good service!
Pim Schaatsenberg
Pim Schaatsenberg
Saw the van on Monday and sent him an app. 2 days later he came by and immediately did neat and fast work.
Dinko Šego
Dinko Šego
Fast and excellent help. Response in a second and next day already all fixed with affordable prices. I now have new reliable bike guy.
jan g
jan g
Cancels appointment 2 days in a row. Not professional. Stayed home and waited for nothing.
Bas Giezen
Bas Giezen
Me son flat tire and appointment made moments later they refuse and do not show up and do not answer phone Thank you!!!
Sven Daam
Sven Daam
Super service, attentive, prompt and skillful. Charges fair prices and thinks with you. Highly recommended!
Girls section KonHFC
Girls section KonHFC
Christina Block
Christina Block
Called this morning and had a mechanic come this afternoon, this one knew very well what a service turn entailed, and tire replaced did a great job. Will definitely come back if there is something wrong again. Thank you for the service.
Niels ter Veen
Niels ter Veen
A professional who is also extremely nice and knowledgeable about bikes. It's really great that he can come on location so you won't lose your bike for long. Top service
They do not respond to mail or the contact form

FAQ bicycle mechanic Aalsmeer

At which locations in Aalsmeer is Bicycle Home Help available?

As a bicycle repairer Aalsmeer, Fietsenhulp carries out bicycle repairs at any location in Aalsmeer. Think among others of:

  • Aalsmeer centre
  • Aalsmeer South
  • Aalsmeer Hornmeer
  • Aalsmeer Uiterwerg
  • Aalsmeer Kudelstraat
  • Aalsmeerweg in Aalsmeer
  • And so on

    Not sure if you are within the service area? Then you can contact Fietsenhulp at any time.

When does Bicycle Help carry out repairs and/or maintenance?

Bicycle Help carries out repairs between 7:00 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening from Monday to Sunday.

What kind of bicycles does Fietsenhulp maintain and/or repair?
It doesn't matter to Fietsenhulp what kind of bicycles you have. Fietsenhulp repairs and maintains all types of bicycles, think of:

  • Road bike
  • Electric bicycles
  • City bike
  • Hybrid bicycles
  • Granny Bikes
  • Carrier Bikes

and so on.

Does Bicycle Help have call-out charges?

Yes, the call-out charge in all districts of Almere is a one-off €6.50. Good to know is that it doesn't matter how many bikes you offer for repair and/or maintenance.

Does Bicycle Help have a minimum spending rate?

Yes, Fiesenhulp applies a minimum spending rate of €14.95. This starting rate does not include call-out charges.

The minimum spending rate does not apply on top of the standard repair rates and call-out charges and is only used when a repair costs less than €14.95.


How do you pay for your bicycle repair at Fietsenhulp?

You can pay in two ways at Bicycle Help.

You can pay cash or by Tikkie.

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