Bicycle repair in all districts of Amstelveen

Bicycle repair at home Amstelveen

  • 7 days a week, from 07.00 to 22.00
  • all types of bicycle repairs
  • 5-star rating
  • only €6.50 call-out charge

Bicycle repair in all districts of Amstelveen

Bicycle mechanic at home


7 days a week, from 07.00 - 22.00
all bicycle repairs
5-star rating
only €6,50 call out charge

Mobile bicycle repair shop Amstelveen

Are you looking for a bicycle mechanic at home in Amstelveen? Fietsenhulp is a mobile bike mechanic who comes to your location to maintain and/or repair your bicycle. It does not matter where in Amstelveen you live. Whether you live in Stadshart, Westwijk, Bovenkerk, Elsrijk, Groenelaan, Randwijck, Oude Dorp, Keizer Karelpark and so on.

Bicycle repair is available in all neighborhoods of Amstelveen. Contact the mobile bike repairer of Amstelveen.

mobile bicycle repair shop at home amstelveen
the best bike shop in amstelveen

The best bicycle repair in Amstelveen at Fietsenhulp

Fietsenhulp is the mobile bicycle repair shop of Amstelveen. At Fietsenhulp you can count on the following:


Amstelveen is a town and municipality in the Dutch province of North Holland. The built-up area borders the city of Amsterdam. Furthermore, Amstelveen is not far from Schiphol airport.

Are you curious about what there is to do in Amstelveen? You can find the best sights here.

If you plan to go to Amstelveen, don't forget to visit the nearby Amsterdamse bos, the Stadshart shopping centre in Amstelveen, the modern art museum 'museum JAN ' and the beautiful blossom park


Cycling in Amstelveen and surroundings

Planning to go cycling in Amstelveen? There are many beautiful cycle routes through and around Amstelveen.
For example, we recommend the Blossom Park cycle route. This cycle route takes you through the Amsterdam forest with as final destination the beautiful blossom park, which is in bloom in the spring. We also recommend the parks route of Amsterdam. This route takes you through various parks in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

Would you like to do one of these cycle routes? A service will prevent problems on the way. Do you still encounter problems on the way? Then contact the mobile bike repair shop for Haarlem.

Based on 166 reviews.
Vincent Visser
Vincent Visser
Responded quickly, could within few hours & good service!
Pim Schaatsenberg
Pim Schaatsenberg
Saw the van on Monday and sent him an app. 2 days later he came by and immediately did neat and fast work.
Dinko Šego
Dinko Šego
Fast and excellent help. Response in a second and next day already all fixed with affordable prices. I now have new reliable bike guy.
jan g
jan g
Cancels appointment 2 days in a row. Not professional. Stayed home and waited for nothing.
Bas Giezen
Bas Giezen
Me son flat tire and appointment made moments later they refuse and do not show up and do not answer phone Thank you!!!
Sven Daam
Sven Daam
Super service, attentive, prompt and skillful. Charges fair prices and thinks with you. Highly recommended!
Girls section KonHFC
Girls section KonHFC
Christina Block
Christina Block
Called this morning and had a mechanic come this afternoon, this one knew very well what a service turn entailed, and tire replaced did a great job. Will definitely come back if there is something wrong again. Thank you for the service.
Niels ter Veen
Niels ter Veen
A professional who is also extremely nice and knowledgeable about bikes. It's really great that he can come on location so you won't lose your bike for long. Top service
They do not respond to mail or the contact form

Question & answer - bicycle maker Amstelveen

Does Fietsenhulp give a guarantee on repairs?

With Bicycle Help, you can count on a guarantee for every repair.

What are the call-out charges for the mobile bicycle repairer?

Bicycle Help uses a standard fee of €6.50. This fee remains the same regardless of the number of bikes you offer. 

What is the minimum spending rate for Bicycle Help?

The minimum rate for which we drive is from € 14.95. This rate is exclusive of call-out charges.

At which locations in Amstelveen will the mobile bicycle repairer be?

As a mobile bicycle repairer, we carry out bicycle repairs everywhere in Amstelveen. Think for example of:

  • City centre
  • Westwijk
  • Bovenkerk
  • Elsrijk
  • Randwijck
  • And so on

Do you live in the surrounding area of Amstelveen? No problem. We also come to your home.

When is the Bicycle Help open?

Bicycle Help is open Monday to Sunday. From 7:00 to 22:00.

How can I pay a bicycle mechanic at home?

You can pay at Amstelveen's mobile bicycle repair shop by tapping or with cash.

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