Bicycle repair in all districts of Weesp

Bicycle repair at home Weesp

  • 7 days a week, from 07.00 to 22.00
  • all types of bicycle repairs
  • 5-star rating
  • only €6.50 call-out charge

Bicycle repair in Weesp

Bicycle mechanic at home


7 days a week, from 07.00 - 22.00
all bicycle repairs
5-star rating
only €6,50 call out charge

Mobile bicycle repair shop Weesp

Is your bike broken, do you want it repaired and do you live in Weesp? Fietsenhulp is the mobile bicycle repairer Weesp, who comes to your home to repair or maintain your bike. It doesn't matter where in Weesp you are with a broken bike. Fietsenhulp comes to all neighborhoods of Weesp.

Including: Weesp centrum, Weesp binnenstad, Zuid, Noord, Hogewey, Aetsveld, Aetsveldsepolder, Oostelijke Vechtoever, Bloemendalerpolder and so on.

mobile bicycle repair shop weesp
bicycle repair weesp

Various bicycle repairs Weesp

Fietsenhulp has experience as a bicycle mechanic since 1994 and carries out various bicycle repairs at your home or at the location where you are with your bicycle:

  • Take the beating out of the wheel
  • Wheel bearing replacement
  • Replacing the rear tyre of a bicycle
  • Changing a bicycle tyre
  • Repairing/replacing the bicycle chain
  • Spoke replacement
  • Replacing the drum brake
  • And so on.

Curious about all bicycle repairs and the prices?


Weesp is a historic town in the Dutch province of North Holland. The town is enclosed between the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and the river Vecht. Weesp has a lot to offer. Because of its unique history, there are a large number of monuments in Weesp. Curious about all the historical monuments in Weesp? Then cycle or walk the following town route.

If you are visiting Weesp, don't forget to visit the museum of Weesp or the tea garden of Weesp. It is also fun to rent a boat in Weesp and to sail on the Vecht yourself.

Cycling through Weesp

Get on your bike and go out! In and around Weesp, there are many great cycling routes, taking you past beautiful nature areas and historic monuments.

Looking for a nice cycle route through Weesp? Here you will find the most beautiful cycling routes of Weesp.

Would you like to have your bike serviced? Or do you suddenly have bike trouble? Call or call Fietsenhulp. Fietsenhulp is the mobile bike repair shop of Weesp and surroundings. Fietsenhulp tries to help you as soon as possible on location, so you can continue your cycling trip. 

Based on 186 reviews
roberta x
roberta x
Absolutely great! very professional and kind.
Diedrik Ringenier
Diedrik Ringenier
Excellent workmanship by George
Jeroen Entjes
Jeroen Entjes
What a boss. The pedal of my VanMoof was broken. Within 24 hours he came by and fixed it in 10 minutes. Very friendly and professional, knows what he's doing.
Massih Hutak
Massih Hutak
What fast, friendly and professional service! Never thought I would be helped so quickly and competently on a Sunday morning. Khalid even did more than I actually asked for, so I can now get back on the road quickly and safely. Definitely highly recommended!
greet ter koele
greet ter koele
I found the bike mechanic in a word great he did a fantastic job I would recommend him to anyone and he was very friendly I am very happy Greet ter koele
Laura den Toom
Laura den Toom
Called for an appointment and the same afternoon my bike was fixed. Very satisfied with the service em the contact. If there is anything with my bike again I know who I will call!
Matthijs Moerman
Matthijs Moerman
After repairs in which Khalid came quickly, damage occurred, and there were problems with the brakes. It took a while, but Khalid fixed it nicely.
Maurice van Ravenstein
Maurice van Ravenstein
Clear communication, friendly and professional. Highly recommended!
We were helped by Khalid. He was customer friendly, on time and proceeded nicely. The 3 bikes were repaired quickly and expertly. Highly recommended!
Either Writer
Either Writer
Khalid was really professional, friendly and on time. Thank you for the excellent service 💪🏼

FAQ bicycle repair shop Weesp

Do you provide warranty?

Yes, we provide a 2-month warranty on all parts, repairs and maintenance. Quality, long-lasting service is our priority.

An "ordinary" flat tire is not covered by warranty. Defects in a tire or its repair, of course, does fall a the warranty.

How soon can you come by?

It depends on your location, the repair/maintenance and schedule. We will, of course, help you as soon as possible. Assume within 1-3 days.

Please always indicate your requirements with your request so we can take them into account.

If you have an urgent request, even then we will try to help you the best we can.

Do you also repair electric bikes?

Sure. Electric bikes are as common these days as regular bikes.

So be sure to contact us for maintenance and/or repair of your electric bike.

At which locations in Weesp is Bicycle Home Help available?

Bicycle Help is available in all districts of Weesp. Including: Weesp centrum, Weesp binnenstad, Zuid, Noord, Hogewey, Aetsveld, Aetsveldsepolder, Oostelijke Vechtoever, Bloemendalerpolder and so on.

When does Bicycle Help carry out repairs and/or maintenance?

Bicycle Help carries out repairs between 7:00 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening from Monday to Sunday.

What kind of bicycles does Fietsenhulp maintain and/or repair?

It doesn't matter to Fietsenhulp what kind of bicycles you have. Fietsenhulp repairs and maintains all types of bicycles, think of:

  • Road bike
  • Electric bicycles
  • City bike
  • Hybrid bicycles
  • Granny Bikes
  • Carrier Bikes

and so on.

Does Bicycle Help have call-out charges?

Yes, the call-out charge in all districts of Almere is a one-off €6.50. Good to know is that it doesn't matter how many bikes you offer for repair and/or maintenance.

Does Bicycle Help have a minimum spending rate?

Yes, Fiesenhulp applies a minimum spending rate of €14.95. This starting rate does not include call-out charges.

The minimum spending rate does not apply on top of the standard repair rates and call-out charges and is only used when a repair costs less than €14.95.


How do you pay for your bicycle repair at Fietsenhulp?

You can pay in two ways at Bicycle Help.

You can pay cash or by Tikkie.

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