Replace the crankshaft? What are the costs?

Does the bottom bracket of your bicycle creak or tickle? You can possibly lubricate the bottom bracket of your bicycle, but it is possible that your bottom bracket is broken. If your crankshaft is broken, you will of course want to know the costs of replacing it. Below you can read what you can do when your crankshaft creaks or ticks and what the costs are for replacing the crankshaft.

Does your bicycle's bottom bracket creak or tickle?

If your bottom bracket is creaking or ticking, how can you tell if you can lubricate your bike's bottom bracket or if it is broken?

If your bicycle's bottom bracket is creaking or tapping, you may not need to replace it. It may be that the bottom bracket is not fastened properly or that grease is needed between the cups and the frame.

The bottom bracket is well sealed in the bottom bracket of your frame. This makes it difficult to clean your bottom bracket. The only way to reach the bottom bracket is by using cranks.

To reach the bottom bracket, you need a crank puller or a bottom bracket spanner that fits the type of bottom bracket on your bike.

Lubricate the crankshaft

If the cranks rotate stiffly and/or unevenly, the axle and bearings must be cleaned or lubricated. The grease serves mainly to keep out dirt and water and to prevent creaking or knocking.

Bottom bracket broken

If the bottom bracket has play on the bearings, it usually needs to be replaced. When replacing the bearings or the bottom bracket, do not adjust the bottom bracket too loosely or too tightly.

If you have any doubts about any of the above actions, always consult a cycle shop that is experienced in this kind of cycle repair.
It would be very annoying if you find out while cycling that the bottom bracket has not been fitted properly.

So you can always make an appointment with Bicycle Help to repair or replace your bicycle's bottom bracket.

Costs for replacing your bottom bracket

Have the ticking or creaking of your bottom bracket repaired. The mobile bicycle repairer Fietsenhulp will gladly come to you to repair your bicycle. Fietsenhulp comes to your home within a radius of 40 kilometres around Amsterdam. Are you curious whether you fall within this area? Check the service area page or contact Fietsenhulp.

The Mobile Cycle Shop charges the following fees for replacing your bottom bracket on site:

  • The call-out charge is €6.50

The above costs apply regardless of the number of bicycles you present for repair or maintenance.

  • The costs for replacing your bottom bracket amount to: from €60.
    The material and the amount of work depend on the type of bike and the condition. If you want to discuss your situation first, please contact Fietsenhulp +31634189234.

Check all rates of the mobile bicycle repair shop here.

Do you want to replace the bottom bracket of your bicycle?

Make it easy on yourself and have your bottom bracket replaced. Make it even easier on yourself by calling in the bicycle mechanic at home. Contact the mobile bike repair shop to have your bottom bracket replaced. See below.